Bædi & Børdi at Alta Museum

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BØRDI: Welcome to Alta Museum!

BÆDI: The World Heritage Rock Art Centre, actually!

BØRDI: Here you can study the fantastic, world famous, and thousand- year- old rock carvings!

BÆDI: And you can find out why and how they carved them out, and - you can make your own!

BØRDI: And winter as well as summer, 360 days a year, there are a lot of different things to do here!

BÆDI: Yes! Find out why Alta is called the City of The Northern Lights, why the Alta river is one of the world’s best salmon rivers....

BØRDI: ...and find out what mystical and magical things they believed in up north in olden days!

BÆDI: Rock carvings, Northern lights, salmon and mystical things - what are we waiting for, Børdi?

BØRDI: You tell me, woolball! Let’s fart off to...

BØRDI: (CONT'D) Alta Museum!

BÆDI: Alta Museum!