Administration and maintenance

  • Jan S. Dølør


    Jan is the director of the museum, and has the overall professional and administrative responsibility. He works with strategy, planning, financial management and quality assurance.

  • Max Saltykov

    Finance manager

  • Kristin I. Nilsen Harila

    HR Manager

    Kristin works with administrative tasks.

  • Jan Roger Eriksen

    Head of operations/exhibition and operating technician

    Jan Roger is responsible for operations and maintenance of the museum perimeters: building, exhibitions, park and cultural heritage areas.

  • Meena Klaybut

    Cleaning assistant

    Meena is responsible for the daily cleaning of the museum and the exhibitions.

  • Prathueang (Tick) Padthesang

    Cleaning assistant

    Tic is responsible for the daily cleaning of the museum and the exhibitions.

Section for Marketing and customer services

  • Anita Tapio

    Section manager of Marketing and Customer Services

    Anita is head of marketing and is responsible for the tourism part of the enterprise, alongside the overall operation of reception, shop and café. She is also responsible for hiring summer personnel and weekend staff.

  • Linn Johansen

    Staff member of café, shop and reception

    Linn works with the daily operations of reception, museum shop and café. She focuses on events, but is also involved with most of the tasks that the marketing and customer services covers.

  • Else Poulsen

    Museum host

    Else’s main task is to take good care of the museum's guests, as well as the daily operation of reception, museum shop and café. She also manages parts of the section's economic assignments.

  • Agnete Thomassen Steine

    Museum host

    Agnete works with the daily operations of reception, museum shop and café. She is involved with most of the tasks that the marketing and customer services covers.

Section for Rock Art and World Heritage

  • Martin Kristoffer Hykkerud

    Section Manager/Site Manager

    Martin is section manager as well as project manager for the Kåfjord project, concerning documentation of long-term weathering processes. Martin is also Site Manager for the world heritage The Rock Art of Alta.

  • Karin Tansem

    Ph.D fellow

    Karin is currently underway with her ph.D, entitled "Rock Art, geology and aesthetics" at the Department of Archaeology, History, Religious Studies and Theology, University of Tromsø. She also works with rock art documentation.

  • Heidi Johansen


    Heidi has the recent years been responsible for different development- and informationprojects, like audioguides, guidebooks, exhibitions and information signs, and she is also working with the new rock art exhibition.

  • Mari Sofie Strifeldt Arntzen


    Mari works with public services and rock art managment.

  • Rune Normann


    Rune mainly works with documentation of the world heritage, museum exhibitons, public services as well as with the rock art archive. He is also the leader of the comitee for temporary exhibitions and is an allround great guy!

  • Gerd Johanne Valen

    Site Manager Struves Geodetic Arc

    Gerd is the site manager of the Struve Geodetic Arc. She is an archeologist with supplementary studies in biology and history. She has extended experience with project management and preservation. She also works with exhibition production.

Section for Contemporary and Historical Times

  • Maria Øien

    Section Manager

    Maria is a social anthropologist and Section Manager for Contemporary and Historical Times. Her responsibilities are personnel, research supervision and facilitation, dissemination, exhibition production, lecture series, adequate preservation of our collection and culture-historical building, and protection of cultural heritage.

  • Eva Dagny Johansen

    Ph.D. fellow

    Eva is a social anthropologist and a Ph.D. fellow in museology at the Department of Cultural Studies and Oriental Languages at the University of Oslo. She focuses on the local aspect of the return of cultural heritage. The title of her research project is ”Sami cultural heritage is returning home – what happens locally?”

  • Hans Christian Søborg


    Hans Christian has a masters in archeology with supplementary subjects in geology and history, in addition to complementary studies in museology. Hans Christian works with the recent history of Alta (such as Kven culture and the history of northern lights research), as well as dissemination. He produces exhibitions concerning the natural history of Alta and the exploitation of rock in prehistoric time for our new permanent exhibitions.

  • Merete Ødegaard


    Merete is a social anthropologist and works with the recent history of Alta. Her area of expertise is the Alta river and salmon/sport fishing. She also has tasks linked to exhibition work and preservation of collections. Up until autumn of 2018 she is working with an external book project on the quartzite operations in Alta.

  • Ann-Silje Ingebrigtsen


    Ann-Silje is an art historian in charge of the registration of our museum collection. She also works with preservation of collections and exhibitions. She can also disseminate in Norwegian sign language.

  • Lena Karlstrøm


    Lena is a historian and works with the preservation of collections, as well as dissemination and exhibition production. She is responsible for the museum's collections of objects, photos, archives and historic buildings. Any question regarding the museum’s collection may be directed to her.

  • Kristin Nicolaysen

    Museum Lecturer

    Kristin is a visual anthropologist and is co-producing our new permanent exhibition. She also works with dissemination of various projects concerning Den kulturelle skolesekken (DKS).

  • Daria Polishchuk


    Daria has a background in visual anthropology and cultural project management. She is working on renewing our permanent exhibitions, educational offer for schools about the Alta conflict (DKS Altasaken) and various projects.