Alta's Contemporary and Historical Times

All the information and facts that are presented here have been written by the staff of the SOHT (Section for Contemporary and Historical Times).

Gas station in Bossekop.
Gas station in Bossekop. Photo: Anna Johansen

It is our task to take care of, spread knowledge of and carry out research into both present-day Alta and its recent past. The academic staff at the Section for Contemporary and Historical Times create, through their work, new knowledge on relevant themes concerned with Alta's history and present day. Research and the spread of knowledge are vital parts of a museum's life - the collection, documentation and exhibiting of essential information about our society. 

The wide thematic diversity which SOHT administers contributes to making Alta Museum an important factor in the life and culture of the local community. 

Under these headings you can read about the following:

  • The collections: Our collection, Boats, Archives, Gifts to the museum
  •  Digital museum
  •  Articles:  The Alta River, Quarries and mines, Cultural diversity, Northern Lights, Treasures, Sports, Struve 
  •  Research