Research and spreading knowledge are vital parts of Alta Museum's work. The museum will spread research-based knowledge through methods which contribute to clarity and understanding. It is research which gives life to our collection by placing objects and knowledge in a scientific context from a cultural and historical perspective.

Photo: Ann-Silje Ingebrigtsen/Alta museum

Main goals for the planning period (2016 – 2020)

Through research-based widening of knowledge, collections and teaching, and through trying out new teaching and co-operative methods in our primary exhibitions, we hope to increase knowledge about the World Heritage and Alta's cultural and natural history.

  • The museum shall disseminate research-based knowledge using methods which promote clarity and understanding.
  • All of our visitors shall be made aware that the knowledge we are in charge of is available for everybody.
  • All employees shall be up-to-date on the spread of information in the special field and contribute to the further development of the museum as an active and relevant institution in society. 

The museum will abide by ethical considerations of openness and social inclusion. Participation and respect for other people's knowledge and the opportunity for experiencing things for themselves are paramount.

Alta Museum is part of the following museum networks:

Rock art network

The goal of the network is to bring together the rock art milieus across a range of backgrounds and institutions, and through projects and co-operation, create new knowledge of rock art. At the same time it aims to make rock art a source of inspiration in activities which combine conservation, research and information.

Minorities and cultural diversity

The network's goal is to promote its work with minorities and the cultural diversity in the Norwegian museum world by providing meeting places, by sharing experiences, and by carrying out projects.