Ice art Saturday at Alta Museum

Events Saturday 10.2. - kl 11:00 to kl 15:00

Alta Museum has the pleasure of inviting everyone to try carving rockart or Sámi motives in ice blocks Saturday, Feb. 10th, from 11 AM to 3 PM. Your ice art will then decorate the entrance to the museum to everyone's joy.

To carve in ice is easier than one might think, as long as you have the right kind of tools and a bit of training. Everyone is welcome to join us at this free event. In case we are many, our café is open and will be serving snacks and hot drinks while you are waiting for your turn. It is also possible to sit outside by the fire. Parents must always accompany their children during the event, as we are using sharp tools.

Dress warm and have warm footwear on.

You can also use this opportunity to see both our permanent exhibition and two temporary ones. In the temporary exhibition «Máttaráhkuid bálgái» artist Sámmul-Iŋggá Heidi explores the ládjogahpir, an important part of traditional Sea Sámi arts and crafts. And «Miserabiles Personae» shows how children and the poor existed in medieval Norway. All the exhibitions require ticket.