Creepy Crawlies

Exhibition opening Friday 22.2. - kl 18:00

Creepy Crawlies​ from all over the world! Live insects, centipedes, spiders and scorpions await the visit of the one who dares! Welcome to exhibition opening!

Insects, scorpions and spiders are arthropods. Arthropods are maybe as many as 30 million different species!
At the Alta Museum you can see 40 species when the exhibition "Creepy Crawlies" opens on February 22, 6 pm. 

The exhibition shows the enormous diversity among arthropods. Among others, you will get to know the world's largest whipscorpion, the world's largest centipede and one of the most notorious spider species: Black widow.
Get to know the little animals that are not only exciting to look at, but also make absolutely invaluable use in nature.

The exhibition is created by the Aquarium in Bergen, and will be visiting Alta Museum until 22 April 2019.