Silent wind

Dance Friday 4.8. - kl 0:00 to Sunday 6.8. - kl 0:00

Kompani Alta shows "Silent wind" at the museum shore

Kompani Alta shows “Silent wind” at the shore of Alta Museum 4.-6.8. The dance performance is perceived as part of the rock art experience and is a kind of commentary on the surroundings; To the landscape, to what has been and to what may come.

 Silent wind is showed Friday between 5pm and 6pm, Saturday and Sunday between 12am and 2pm


Costumes: Marianne Hagell

Choreography and Concept: Maria K. Landmark

Co-dancers: Tale Igeland Eilertsen, Hanna Marie Hatlen, Ronja Donatello Bang, Ilja Sundelin and Elise Lund

Photo: Thomas Åsen

The project is supported by Alta municipality