Christmas plate from 1921.

Object of the month: Christmas plate from 1921

Monthly Artifacts

This festive plate with Christmas tree motifs came into our collection some time before 1990, and was produced in Sweden by Guvstafsberg Porselinsfabrik. The Christmas tree tradition came to Sweden as early as the 1700s, but did not reach Norway until the 1820s, via Denmark. The first description of a decorated Christmas tree in Norway is found in a book by prison governor Richard Petersen in Christiania (Oslo) who wrote his childhood memories from the year 1822, ninety years before this plate was made. 

The most famous Christmas tree from Alta is probably from 2010. When it was put up in Alta City it caused a heated debate in the local community, if we are to believe the online newspapers, newspapers and the social media. With several broken branches the tree did not meet many (or any) people's expectations of what a proper Christmas tree should look like. The municipality's authorities had to replace it twice before everybody was happy. Christmas trees really do get people engaged! 

Anne Klippenvåg Pettersen - curator