Object of the month: Livery collar

Monthly Artifacts

Livery collar of the county mayor

Troms and Finnmark county municipality 2020-2024

The livery collar of Troms and Finnmark county municipality was handcrafted by artist Ina Gravem Johansen. The collar is made from silver with details in gold, red garnet and black hematite which occur naturally in the region. The collar symbolizes both conflict, independence, and self-determination. The embellishment refers to Sami and Kven culture as well as the rock art in Alta.

When Troms and Finnmark county municipality was dissolved, the collar was donated to Alta Museum, during county mayor Tarjei Jensen Bech’s last official assignment in December 2023. After the handover, the collar’s status changed from everyday object to a museum object, which will be preserved for the future and only handled with gloves.

For Alta Museum it is an honour to receive this item into our collection. The collar represents contemporary history and have great symbolic value. It gives insight into the historic events when the counties of Troms and Finnmark were first united and then separated four years later.