Object of the month: “The bear cub”

Monthly Artifacts

"The bear cub"

This piece of the bedrock was found in the basement at the Talvik school in 2019. Nobody knows how it got there, but that’s not important either. What is important is that a small part of the world heritage has been recovered. The cheers went through the roof when the museum staff was made aware of the stone. Never have we had this kind of inquiry before, but we hope that more pieces like this will be discovered in the future. If you ever find a stone in your outhouse, in the attic, in your basement, in your barn or in your garden, have a second look. Are there rock carvings on it? This piece of rock is a small part of a big panel with rock carvings that were made about 7000 years ago. The figure depicts a small bear cub, and when the rock was a part of the rock art panel this little cub was walking behind its mother and sibling.

Written by Rune Normann, curator