Object of the month: Cash box

Monthly Artifacts

Cash box

This month we are displaying a tobacco tin from Johannes N. With’s tobacco factory, founded in Oslo in 1852. The factory was one of Norway’s leading cigar manufacturers until it was bought by J. L. Tiedemann in 1922.

After the tobacco ran out, the tin held important content: According to the accompanying note it was the first cash box for the local bank in Talvik!

The Talvik bank was founded February 11, 1910, with local teacher J. S. Jensen as initiator and first chairman of the board. The primary capital was a mere 2600 NOK, of which 1600 NOK came from local contributors and the rest from the state.

The box was donated to the museum from the Alta branch of SpareBank 1 Nord-Norge in 2018, along with several other artifacts and archive material.

Written by Lena Karlstrøm, curator