Ship's compass

Object of the month: Ship’s compass

Monthly Artifacts

This month we honour the collection of objects gathered at Rognsund school in the years 1971-1975. It came about through an active co-operation between the teacher Arvid Petterson and the pupils. They collected and displayed objects before our museum was founded by Alta History Society in 1978. The museum has more than 150 objects from Rogsnund school collection, which is a unique result of local dedication and love of history.

At the school the pupils made their own school newspaper where they wrote about the objects in the collection. We leave it to the paper's article from 9th February 1974 to tell you about this month's object:

"Two beautiful ship's compass in brass has been given to the museum by Odin Ring. Even though they have been emptied (by Odin) they still work and you can see where the north is. Landlubbers can see how the ship's compass will keep on standing even when the sea makes the boat wrestle in every direction."

Anne Klippenvåg Pettersen - curator