Cultural diversity

The history of Alta is complex, with many global connections. Alta Museum is working continuously with stories, tales and its cultural heritage for the recognition of diverse groups, people and lifestyles. In our teaching programmes and temporary and permanent exhibitions our goal is to spread knowledge of diverse and new facts about our present, our past and our culture.

The Bossekop Market - cultural meetingplace.
The Bossekop Market - cultural meetingplace. Photo: Olmar Egenæs/Alta Museum

The history of Finnmark and Alta is characterized by multicultural meetings, meetings between Sami, Norwegians and Kvens. Today, the local society is characterized by even larger cultural diversity, represented by people from many nations. 

In their four-volume History of Alta, the historians Jens Petter Nielsen and Kjell Roger Eikeset have looked into a broad spectrum of themes from the period 1520-1920: "Alta's Sea-Sami population, the Swedish period, Norwegian immigration, Trade, Churches, Missionary activity, the Immigration of Swedish Finns, Schools, Free trade, Trading centres, Russian trade, Copper mines, Scientific expeditions, Emigration, Politics at the turn of the century. And from the period 1920-2002: Primary industries in change, Diversity of fjord communities, War, Evacuation and homecoming, Welfare, Leisure and culture, Growth and urban development, Trade and service, Family and the home, Sport, the Cult of the young, Religious diversity, Protests, the Alta conflict, the State of affairs for the Sami and the Swedish Finns, a Melting pot on the edge of the world."

The Alta book, 1982-2016, edited by Alta History Society, is also an important source of information about Alta's history. The Alta book series is an annual publication which gives a rich selection of stories about and from the local community, written by authors who have an intimate knowledge of Alta.

This is important local historic work and sources to Alta's history which is useful to the museum in everyday work, to the population's knowledge and understanding, for nuancing greater stories and to be an inspiration of adding new elements and dimensions.

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