Temporary Exhibitions 25.4.2024 - 23.10.2024

The exhibition «Displaced», by Tina Enghoff, raises a wide range of topical questions about the role of untold stories and archives in a postcolonial context; Who has access to the archives, for whom are the archives important, and whether they're in the right places?

Central to the exhibition is David Samuel Naeman Josef Kristoffersen's story of being sent from Papikatsuk, Nanortalik in Greenland to the Coastal Hospital at Kalundborg in Denmark, because he was limping. With homesickness as a driving force, he tried in vain to find a way home to Greenland by moving across the frozen Kalundborg fjord below the hospital. When, after many years, he returned home, he no longer spoke his native language, Greenlandic, and his family were distraught: Where had their little boy been for many years? David tells his story in the exhibition, which is put into a larger collective narrative about Denmark's colonial period in Greenland and its aftermath. The exhibition began with a meeting between Tina and David in Greenland and has been produced through their collaboration spanning several years. In «Displaced», the artist sheds light on power relations between people and institutions in light of Danish colonial history.