Following Arctic Fashion

Temporary Exhibitions 2.5.2019 - 9.9.2019

People, identity and aesthetics at Europe’s largest ethnic festival, Riddu Riđđu. Following Arctic Fashion will be exhibited at Alta Museum from the 2nd of May until the 9th of September 2019.

For 16 years Mari Karlstad and Marit Anne Hauan have explored Europe’s largest ethnic festival, Riddu Riđđu, with a camera and an open mind. This has resulted in the exhibition Following Arctic Fashion, which includes 11 full-size portrait photos of the festival participants in their attire.

The Riddu Riđđu festival takes place on a grassy field in Manndalen in Kåfjord municipality. The festival is a happening the week it lasts, and it has its own exquisite aesthetics. People arrive in their Sami costumes, trousers, summer costumes, shawls, earrings, reindeer skin shoes, sweaters, vests, hooded capes, and make the festival happen. With colours, quality, tailoring, and design, Riddu is transformed into a special and colourful meeting place for identity, ethnicity, culture and hope. 

Foto: Mari Karlstad.

Photographer Mari Karlstad and folklorist Marit Anne Hauan from Tromsø Museum have during the period of 2000-2016, explored attire and fashion at the Riddu Riđđu festival. Mari Karlstad with photography og Marit Anne Hauan with lyrics.

Foto: Mari Karlstad.

— «A well-dressed Sami’s custom is as a rule always a harmonious blend of colours. And to use a stronger expression, one can say that at beautiful Sami custom is like a symphony of colours.”

Parson Nilssen

Foto: Mari Karlstad.

The Arctic University of Norway is responsible for producing this exhibition, in collaboration with Centre of Northern People.

Welcome to a colourful and beautiful exhibition!