“Máttaráhkuid bálgái” – Following in the Footsteps of the Foremothers

Temporary Exhibitions 1.2.2024 - 28.4.2024

Ládjogahpir became my path back to my foremothers

In this exhibition, the duojár (Sámi arts and crafts practitioner) Sámmul-Iŋggá Heidi (Heidi Persen) explores the ládjogahpir, an important part of traditional Sea Sámi arts and crafts. This horn bonnet is a traditional Sámi head garment that was once common across all Finnmark.

Sámmul-Iŋggá Heidi has investigated the horn bonnet and its sewing techniques through literature, illustrations, and photographs, and by examining horn bonnets in museum collections. With a starting point in traditional techniques, she has reconstructed and made fourteen new bonnets. Working in the space between tradition and renovation, Sámmul-Iŋggá Heidi has revived a forgotten duodji tradition, keeping the stories and knowledge of her foremothers alive while creating new traditions for our time.

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