Temporary exhibition 17.9 - 17.11.2019

Temporary Exhibitions 17.9.2019 - 10.11.2019

In this exhibition you use a flashlight...

What goes down in the sea in the dark months when the polar night is over the Arctic? Researchers from UNIS, NTNU and UiT researched this in recent years, and all findings are unambiguous: the bustling with life in the dark night - both at depth and in shallower water. Some animals even makes its own light! Using measuring rigs which collects data throughout the year we have seen that plankton moves in unison even in winter, and robots, cameras and divers can take the different animals and plants closer look and tell us exactly which species are doing what down there in the dark. In the polar night, the ocean is a complex but important sphere in which to perform research! We can use the knowledge from Svalbard waters to understand more about life in the Arctic in the bright parts of the year, and to understand processes in the eternal darkness deep sea.

The exhibition is produced by The Arctic University Museum of Norway