The Boat collection

Alta Museum manages fourteen boats, both riverboats, rowboats, Nordland boats and the fishing vessel M/K Vally. Several of our boats are exhibited in a boathouse on the museum property.

M/K Vally.
M/K Vally. Photo: Ragnhildur Asvaldsdottir

M/K Vally, a motorized fishing vessel from 1917, is still seaworthy and has its berth in Urnesbukta, Alta. You can read more about Vally and her remarkable story here:  The history of M/K Vally

From the boathouse. Photo: Ann-Silje Ingebrigtsen / Alta Museum

Boat 1 is a small rowboat known as a «Dory». It is presumably built after 1945. This type of boat was common during the herring fishery back in the days.

Boat 2 is a small rowboat, also called dinghy. It is also presumably built after 1945.

Boat 3 is a Nordland boat built for three people. Nordland boats were common in Northern Norway for hundreds of years up to the 1970s and 80s. This boat was built in 1947 and was presumably used in Rafsbotn, Alta.

From the boathouse. Photo: Ann-Silje Ingebrigtsen / Alta Museum

Boat 4 is a Nordland boat named «Nordlyset» after the Aurora Borealis. Boat builder Skum at Amtmannsnes, Alta built «Nordlyset» between 1900 and 1909, and it was used for fishing in the Eastern Alta fiord until the middle of the 20th century.

Boat 5 is a rowboat. This boat was presumably used in Nerskogen, Alta after World War II.

Boat 6 is another Nordland boat presumably used in Alta. The museum has no information available regarding the age of this boat.

Boat 7 is a rowboat, probably a «Dory» used here in Alta.

Boat 8 is a Nordland boat, built in 1902-03 and used in Alta.