About the archive

​The purpose of the Alta Rock Art Archive is to serve as a central archive for the world heritage the Rock Art of Alta. In the archive, literature, management documents and documentation of the rock art itself is to be secured and brought together in one place. Thus making it easily available for national, regional and local managers of cultural heritage, as well as researchers and others who work to preserve, convey, or create new knowledge about the world heritage.

Our reason for establishing a central archive is that it is a necessary tool for fulfilling the responsibilities of managing our world heritage. To hold a complete record of the Rock Art of Alta, what it consists of, its history and cultural significance, and not least what has happened to it in modern times, is invaluable to managing, researching and dissimenating the world heritage. By collecting this knowledge in one place we lay the foundation for preserving the Rock Art of Alta and its values in the best possible way.

Knowledge and information about the world heritage and how it is managed is of great public interest on an international level. It is our opinion that it is in the interest of the rock art itself that the world heritage management practices a high degree of openness. Therefore, the majority of the Alta Rock Art Archive contents is made publically available at altarockart.no. More information about the archive contents can be found here.

An important fact about the Alta Rock Art Archive is that it consists of more material than that which is available online. Also, over time it is likely that the archive will be made up of several parts and applications, the site altarockart.no already consists of two different web-applications. Thus, the Alta Rock Art Archive can also be seen as a function which constitutes all of Alta Museums activities and solutions concerning the collecting and mangement of documents related to the Rock Art of Alta.