Family activities

In the high season during summer there are a number of exciting Stone Age activities in the park.

The activities are made to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. There is also a lavvu in case the weather gets rough. Placed outside the lavvu there is a bonfire sitting area perfect for barbecuing sausages and discussing the Stone Age diet. If you're lucky maybe you'll get to taste some stockfish or some dried reindeer meat.

Many of the rock carvings show people hunting with bow and arrow. We have tried to recreate the bows from that era and we are learning more about hunting in the Stone Age. Both children and adults will have a chance to try shooting on target.

The activites are open from June 22nd - August 10th.

Bow and arrow shooting – hunting in the stone age NOK 50,-
Stone grinding – make an arrowhead or small knife NOK 50,-
Jewelry - make your own stone age necklace NOK 50,-
Leather – learn how to make a leather purse NOK 50,-
Frottage - make a rubbing of a rock carving FREE,-
Archaeological sandbox FREE,-